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Maximize your revenue

We offer a set of smart ad formats that can be added anywhere on your website. Our innovational approach allows you to increase your revenue by applying individual settings for each user.

Start Monetizing With Multiple Ad Formats

Flyads drives business growth by combining powerful demand stream with publisher product.

High eCPM

Our website traffic is sold to reliable partners at high prices and is at all times optimized.

Transparent statistics

Our dashboard shows real time statistics on CPM, VTR, CTR, revenue.

Customizable settings

There are a number of ways how the ad will be displayed on your page and it is you who chooses the format that works for you.

High fill rate

Monetization with Flyads is powered by powerful technology combined with data-driven waterfall.

Easy integration process

An addition of just one code gives you access to a pool of advertisers as well as immediate income. There is no need to have prior video content on the site to benefit from video ads.

Selected pool of advertisers

We offer a selective pool of premium advertisers to guarantee the most successful results.

Support 24/7

Your manager is always ready to answer all your questions and settle any concern.

The most profitable ad formats provided just for you

Cover 100% of your web and mobile traffic with our cross-platform solutions.

What is a Flyads “Story”

In between ad clips, the site’s news content will be shown in the player- in a stories format. The news would be displayed in our player.

How it works

This feature improves browsing depth on the site as visitors click through to the articles. Using the site’s RSS, the content will be automatically added between commercials.

What may be added to the player?

  • News from the RSS feed, which would be automatically updated daily
  • Specific news or pages that you want the audience to reach
  • Sponsored content or articles
  • News with videos

What is our referral program and how does it work?

Our referral program is a great way to earn extra revenue by bringing additional publishers to Flyads.
All that you need to do is invite any potential customer to work with us by sending them our referral link. If the interested publisher registers on our platform by clicking the link, you will automatically start receiving a comission of 3% from the revenue of the new partner.

How does it work?

Flyads is a platform that connects your premium traffic with out premium advertisers. Complete these steps to achieve your first income with Flyads.

Step 1

Add your site

Register by signing in. After your site is moderated, your personal manager will get in touch with you. You can also reach out to a manager and they will create an account for you.

Step 2

Optimization Process

After the code and ads.txt are added, the optimization process starts. This means that the advertisers check your site’s traffic and the performance of their ads on it. With time, they raise the CPM rates and the amount of traffic that they buy.

Step 3

Control and Review

All of your results can be checked in our fully transparent dashboard. Let us know if you need some custom metrics- our tech team is available at all times to make any adjustments to our player on your site.

Step 4

Receive your revenue

Your revenue is displayed and updated every hour on the dashboard. No matter which payment method you choose, your money will get to you on time.

Step 5

Invite other publishers

As soon as you are satisfied with your results, don't hesitate to recommend us to other publishers. Not only does this expand the number of premium publishers, but it also allows you to earn more revenue!

Unlock the power of your traffic

Start monetizing with the most effective ad formats, best payout conditions, and a variety of exclusive features.

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