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Quality environment for your ads

We provide ad networks, DSPs and SSPs with access to strong inventory through the world’s premium publishers.

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Flexibility in Integration

Easily integrate with any ad service, stay on the cutting-edge of technology.
Ad Tag Formats (VAST, IMA) - Interactive HTML5 Ads (VPAID2) - OpenRTB - Cookie Syncing

Your Essential Supply Partner

Now more than ever, marketers have to make effective choices and maximize their ROI by taking control of their investments. We provide transparency, innovation, adaptability, and partnership. By choosing us you get a reliable partner ready to help you in a growing industry.

Premium direct inventory

All sites have our code. We do not resell.

Own video-player

We develop and manage the player we show your content in. We can as well display your video ads on sites that don’t have any video content.

Ads.txt lines

We support this file to increase transparency within the supply chain.

Brand Safety

Your ads will never appear in an inappropriate environment. We offer only safe options to reach audience and minimize fraud.

Innovative Formats

We offer plenty of formats for achieving any goals. Read more on Formats page.


Optimize your bidding decisions with our proprietary machine learning algorithm, or bring your own algorithm to meet specific business needs.

Personal manager&tech support

We provide you with swift assistance all over the integration process and later on.

How does it work?

You display your advertising campaigns on sites of your choice after an easy integration tailored just for you.

Step 1

Set up your campaign

After signing in on our platform, you can create your campaign. Our settings are adjustable to make your campaign effective and customizable to your needs. You can choose the sites on which your ads will be displayed, the formats of your ads, and the time period of your ad campaign.

Step 2

Upload your creatives and create your target audience

After everything is set up, it’s time to upload your ad creatives and to add them to your campaign. You can choose one or test several ones. Last but not least, you can create your target audience by choosing your preferred segments.

Step 3

Give the system time to learn

After the campaign is created and everything is double checked it is time to launch! From the first impression our proprietary machine learning and optimization algorithms start collecting and analyzing data on media metrics for further optimization.

Step 4


The optimization is an automated process. However, the advertisers have the freedom of making their own adjustments based on the fully transparent statistics presented in the dashboard.

Step 5

Scale and prolong

As soon as the ad campaign ends and we meet the KPI, we can expand to the next campaign launch. Our managers will give you recommendations on your individual targets and budgets to reach the highest results.

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Start working with us, make premium inventory available to your clients and enable them to improve their customer journey.

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